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For our tours on JWinRome (both virtual and in-person) we choose not to have a price per head for attendees.  This is not because the tours are without cost but because we don't want some friends to be blocked from joining the tours due to financial restraints.  

     We have a VERY international audience and even small amounts as a fixed fee can be restrictive for some.  For this reason we allow the brothers and sisters to donate as they see fit.  The generosity of those with more covers the cost of those with less. 

     I am genuinely just as happy with a kind message from someone with little to offer financially as I am a generous donation


      Your brother,

                   Jamison Jepson

For those with the means to donate, please click the PayPal link below.  Many Thanks!

You can also donate via:

                 Cash App:  £jwinrome         


                                                NB: The Zelle account in my wife's name, Rachel.

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